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30mW Club Green Laser Projector For DJ’s and Parties

Let the music make the green laser dance. This laser projector is sound activated so that the laser light patterns move along with the music. The CVLC-G132 has an advanced internal micro-stepping motor scanner with extra wide scanning angle and high speed microprocessor control to give you the high-level performance you would expect from professional […]

PC Pen – Presentation Aid + Handwriting Input + Laser Pointer

A great wholesale priced, factory direct product, The PC Pen is a 3-in-1 productivity tool that enhances your presentations, lets you text input using your handwriting, and works as a laser pointer. Make your presentations come alive with The PC Pen! Just plug it into your notebook’s USB drive and it works seamlessly with programs […]

Double Laser DMX Projector (Sound Activated, Cloud Background)

Unleash raw undulating power from this wicked Sound Activated Double Laser DMX Projector. This projector is perfect for parties, raves, bars, nightclubs, or even in your living room for some great “chill out session” while listening to your favorite tunes. Coming with 10 function switches and three display mode options like sound activation, auto-mode and […]

The Purple Haze – 100mW Music Lounge Projector

Enter and experience a world of euphoria and let the Purple Haze Laser Projector help you get the party started. This Purple laser projector features 3 mode selections for music auto projection, manual control and DMX mode. The Purple Haze Laser Projector can be sound activated so that the laser light patterns move along with […]

150mW Sound Activated Red and Green Double Laser DMX Projector

Unleash this raw power double laser projector with DMX ports. Coming with 10 function switches and 3 mode options that include, sound activation, auto-mode and DMX 512 which is used to control stage lighting and effects via a mixing desk. The G199 is built with an outer aluminum casing, and packed with internal high tech […]

Laser Show Projector with Sound Activation (100mW Red/Purple)

Spice up the interior design of your bar or club with this Laser Show Projector with Sound Activation. The 100mW laser packs enough power to project red and purple laser patterns up to 25 meters away, which is perfect for installation in any indoor environment and a great addition if you want to throw your […]

High Power 100mW Green Laser Pointer – All Metal Combat Edition

This high power 100mW laser pointer emits a consistently strong green laser beam that is powerful enough to reach across any indoor or outdoor location. The beam is so strong that even during bright daylight you will still see the extremely powerful laser beam, even across long distances. In fact, the beam is so powerful […]

High Power 30mW Green Laser Pointer Pen (Executive Edition)

High Power 30mW Green Laser Pointer Pen (Executive Edition). This high quality laser pointer is perfect for presentations, lectures, seminars, project screens, charts, slides, tour guides and facility inspections. With a bright (green) colored laser with exceptional clarity, this pointer is the ideal tool for presentations, highlighting information and pinpointing areas. Designed with portability in […]

Laser Effects Projector With Red And Green Lights

Laser Effects Projector With Red And Green Lights for projecting visually interesting patterns of colored light onto walls, floors or ceilings. This laser color changing projector is perfect for any retail store or partying environment. It works by projecting red and green laser beams, in either a still image or moving patterned images. You can […]

Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact)

Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight (Non Contact) for taking temperatures from a distance. This thermometer is perfect for anyone needing to check the temperature of a running machine or instrument. With its long range, accurate measurement, and immediate response, now you can take an instant temperature reading of a machine or operating device. […]