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MP6 Player with 3.5 Inch LCD Screen + DVB-T Digital TV (8GB)

The first ever DVB-T digital TV MP6 Player is here. A true MP6 Player supporting VOB and RMVB file formats along with DVB-T digital TV and all your favorite video and music download file types. Excellent in design and functionality, with a crystal clear 3.5 inch LCD display screen, this MP6 Player with DVB-T is […]

MP6 Player with 3.5 Inch LCD Screen + ISDB-T Digital TV (8GB)

The first ever ISDB-T digital TV MP6 player is here. A true MP6 player supporting VOB and RMVB file formats along with ISDB-T digital TV and all your favorite digital music and video file types. Excellent in design and functionality with a crystal clear 3.5 inch LCD display screen, this is the perfect portable entertainment […]

MPEG4 Digital Video Camcorder With Optical Telescope Zoom Lens

Handheld DV camera (digital video and still pictures) with great telescope style 8x optical zoom lens attachment. This unit records video in MPEG4 format up to 30 frames per second (30 FPS). New wholesale compact digital camcorder with a feature rich profile, optical zoom lens attachment, and the ability to take up to 12MP still […]

MP3 Player with FM Transmitter + Speech Recognition

We all love listening to our favorite MP3s while driving. However, using an MP3 player while driving is not only dangerous to you, but dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians as well. Thankfully the days of juggling your MP3 player while driving are now over thanks to the first ever MP3 player with speech recognition. […]

GuideStar – 4.3 Inch Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigator

Portable GPS Navigator combining the turn-by-turn directions of modern GPS navigation along with a rich media enhanced operating environment to give you the best user experience possible. So much power in a handheld device. Introducing The GuideStar portable GPS computer and media player with 2GB SD card included free – transforming the way you travel! […]

Atlantis 4GB Deluxe Waterproof MP3 Player

The Atlantis underwater MP3 player. Deluxe edition of our famous “Waterproof MP3 Player For Watersports And Shower Enthusiasts” we introduced to the world in 2008. Enjoy clear audio up to ten meters in depth while diving on your adventures under the sea, or when just chilling in your swimming pool. The Atlantis comes in a […]

Handheld 7 inch Digital TV for North America (ATSC)

This beautiful handheld digital TV comes with a large 7inch TFT LCD display screen, a retractable 85 CM antenna, along with stereo speakers and a remote controller. You can now truly enjoy digital television on the go like it’s meant to be. With this handheld digital TV unit, you’ll never miss a single minute of […]

Fusion – WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen

The Fusion, a stylish new quad-band cellphone with just about every modern feature you could ask for… and finally at an incredibly low price that most people can afford! Get More For Your Money The Fusion is the amazing result of a new and more efficient cellphone manufacturing process. This allows us to bring you […]

Flexible Bluetooth Headset – Sports + Leisure

Flexible water resistant Bluetooth headset for sports or leisure. Who says Bluetooth headsets aren’t comfortable? This unique Bluetooth headset not only looks great, but it’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it! Whether you’re at the office or working out, this headset will always deliver the comfort, style and performance you need. This great product […]

Car Steering Wheel Bluetooth Adapter + Wireless Earpiece

Car steering wheel Bluetooth adapter + wireless earpiece. The safest and easiest way to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel while you talk and drive. This versatile Bluetooth device enhances your daily driving experience by making it both safe and convenient to talk while you are on the road […]