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Evolution – Windows Mobile Smartphone (3.2 Inch Touchscreen)

The Evolution – Windows Mobile Smartphone. For the computer user that wants his phone to work like his laptop. With a highly responsive 3.2 inch touchscreen and ultra-powerful hardware, this excellent mobile device is designed to provide you with the versatility in using this quadband cell phone for any desired windows mobile application, be it […]

Napoli – Unlocked Quadband Dual SIM Cellphone

Interactive unlocked dual SIM mobile phone featuring everything from, multimedia applications for playing music, videos, watching TV and listening to the radio, to its core communication features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, dual SIM with dual standby and personalized PDA for your day to day tasks and to-do lists. The Napoli combines brawns & brains in […]

Black Allure – Mini Cell Phone (Quadband, Dual SIM)

The Black Allure, an easy to carry Mini Cell Phone that is fun, sleek, and useful. Everything you ever wanted from a mobile phone for only a fraction of the price and size you would expect, but with twice the style! This highly desirable Mini Cell Phone comes with a highly response 2.5 inch flat […]

Avalon – Mini Cell Phone (Quadband, Dual SIM)

In the tradition of our best selling Elegance M31 phone, we are proud to bring you The Avalon Mini Cellphone, an unlocked quad band GSM + dual SIM touchscreen cellphone with full featured PDA and multimedia functionality. The Avalon has what other popular mini cellphones like the HTC HD Mini and Nokia N97 Mini don’t […]

Suave Cellphone Watch with OLED Screen – Premium Watchphone

The Suave, a new cell phone watch with the perfect combination of style and communication excellence. This high-class premium quad-band cellphone watch easily matches your Armani business suits, D&G sunglasses, Channel dresses, and your most luxurious accessories. With the smallest size and most elegant design you have ever seen from a watchphone, the Suave looks […]

Milan – Quadband Cell Phone (2.8 Inch Touchscreen, Dual SIM)

Milan – Quadband CellPhone, an all-in-one Mobile Phone that combines the ease-of-use of classic bar style cell phones with the feature-richness of a PDA and then adds a never-before-seen invisible keypad. Housed in a sleek black cover with silver borders, Milan is as captivating as it is strong and excellent for everyday use. In the […]

Sigma – Quadband Cell Phone (2.8 Inch Touchscreen, Dual SIM)

Introducing the Sigma Quadband Cellphone, an all-in-one Mobile Phone that combines the ease-of-use from classic bar style smart phones with the high-tech functionality of a PDA and then adds a convenient and unique color changing trackball. Housed in a durable black cover with a unique golden border, the Sigma Quadband Cellphone is as captivating as […]

Qi Smartbook U2000 – Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone with 5 Inch Screen

For those who want the most from their mobile phone, meet the Qi Smartbook U2000, a powerful 3-in-1 Windows Smartphone that combines the functions of a PDA, mobile phone, and notebook into a single hand-held tablet with a large 5 inch high resolution touchscreen. Now faster and better than ever thanks to the new Windows […]

Machismo – Cigarette Lighter Cellphone (Touchscreen, Dual SIM)

Say hello to the world’s hottest cigarette lighter mobile phone – The Machismo! Not only does it light your cigarette, but it’s also a super Triband, Dual-SIM cellphone with 2.5 inch touchscreen! The problem with modern life is you have to carry around too many things in your pockets. Wallet, keys, iPod, cellphone, and if […]

Globalist – Elegant Quad Band Touchscreen Cellphone Watch

The Globalist is a rugged and versatile cellphone watch with every convenience necessary for your modern lifestyle: quad band GSM functionality, a digital camera and camcorder, plus dozens of productivity tools to help you get things done! First of all, The Globalist is a first class quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked mobile […]