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Assassin – Quad Band Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch + MP4

Introducing one of the most stylish and powerful watch phones on the market, the Assassin. The Assassin watch phone comes with a built in camera, Bluetooth ear piece, 2GB mini SD card, video camera, FM radio and quad band GSM connectivity. When most watch phones would have ended their features list here, the Assassin continues […]

Endurance – Sporty QuadBand Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch

Sports style watch phone- light and comfortable for every day use. If you’re looking for a comfortable to wear mobile watch phone that can be worn all day and without discomfort then you have found the right product. That’s because the Endurance watchphone weighs only 2.7 ounces and uses a soft rubber wrist strap for […]

Penthouse – Cell Phone Watch (Quad Band, Dual SIM)

Introducing the world’s smallest super cell phone, the Penthouse. Merging all the functions of modern cell phones into a unique and highly compact form, the Penthouse has everything you ever wanted from a phone for only a fraction of the price and size. Communication and multimedia merged into a compact 47 x 55 frame that […]

Panther – Quad Band Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch + Keypad

Following the success of the Jaguar comes our newest watch phone addition, the Panther— one of the most powerful quad band watch phones ever! The Jaguars Twin Brother The Panther watch phone comes with all of the same features found in the Jaguar– such as quad band GSM connectivity, colorful 1.3 inch touch screen, Bluetooth […]

Suave Cellphone Watch with OLED Screen – Premium Watchphone

The Suave, a new cell phone watch with the perfect combination of style and communication excellence. This high-class premium quad-band cellphone watch easily matches your Armani business suits, D&G sunglasses, Channel dresses, and your most luxurious accessories. With the smallest size and most elegant design you have ever seen from a watchphone, the Suave looks […]

Thrifty Watch Phone (Quad Band, Bluetooth, Touchscreen)

Thrifty Quad Band Watch Phone with Bluetooth – bringing you the functions of a modern cell phone in a convenient wrist watch form. This thrifty watch phone is a quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked phone that can be used from anywhere across the world. Stick in a SIM card and you gain […]

Quad Band Cell Phone Watch – Touch Screen + Bluetooth Watch

Newly updated version of our popular four band GSM mobile phone watch with beautiful 1.5 inch touchscreen. This is a fully functional unlocked GSM mobile phone with a rich color 1.5 inch display, built in multimedia features, Bluetooth, and rich selection of PDA type software tools. What could be better than calling friends from your […]

Grande Porto – Quad Band Touch Screen Watch Cell Phone

Grande Porto, this quad band touch screen watch phone is the latest in our lineup of phone watches and comes with a wide range of functions that will leave you yearning for more. Watch videos on the crystal clear 1.5 inch touchscreen, listen to your favorite songs on the radio or renew your Shakespeare knowledge […]

Lady Jaguar – Quad Band Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch + Keypad

The Lady Jaguar is based on our popular Jaguar mobile phone wrist watch. Just like its predecessor, the Lady Jaguar also merges communication and music entertainment into one superb wrist watch cellphone. Coming with a single SIM card slot, 1GB of memory and a full keypad to make this wristphone very easy for anyone to […]

Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch

Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch. Tri-band (900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch. This is a fully functional unlocked GSM mobile phone with a color touchscreen, built in microphone and speakers, Bluetooth, and multimedia functions. This is the latest in a great line of mobile phone watches to be released this year, […]