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Easy MP3 Car Kit with 1GB – Simple Bluetooth Calls + Music

Easy to use MP3 car kit that has easy-to-use bluetooth and entertainment functions. New 2010 version of our popular CVSCJ-7903 now comes with a bonus remote controller for even more convenience! This handy little gadget has managed to combine two of today’s most popular add-on technologies for the car and build them into one device. […]

Flexible Bluetooth Headset – Sports + Leisure

Flexible water resistant Bluetooth headset for sports or leisure. Who says Bluetooth headsets aren’t comfortable? This unique Bluetooth headset not only looks great, but it’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it! Whether you’re at the office or working out, this headset will always deliver the comfort, style and performance you need. This great product […]

Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker – Car Speakerphone

Handsfree car Bluetooth spekear! Drive with easy and comfort while taking calls. This handsfree speakerphone is designed to be the best portable speaker option for people often on the road. This bluetooth speaker can be mounted on your car’s sun visor using the included mounting attachment, or you can easily place it in any desired […]

Bluetooth MP3 Player Sunglasses – 2GB Flash Memory

Bluetooth MP3 Player Sunglasses – 2GB Flash Memory. Gadget sunglasses / shades with an 2GB MP3 Player and wireless Bluetooth headset built-in. Built discreetly into the cool looking lightweight sunglasses frames are, on one side, an MP3 and WMA player, and on the other side a Bluetooth headset which can be paired with a mobile […]

Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration and LCD Display

Bluetooth bracelet with vibration function and caller ID display. Have you ever missed a few calls on your cell phone because it was on silent mode or you just didn’t hear your mobile phone ring? Then this new Bluetooth bracelet is bound to be your new best friend! It comes in a nice looking rubber […]

Bluetooth Bracelet w/Vibration Function + Digital Time Display

Bluetooth bracelet with vibration and caller number display for ultimate convenience. Tell time as well as receive vibration alerts when you get a call. This double combo Bluetooth bracelet is made with all round stainless steel for extra durability, without compromising on performance and looks. Have you ever missed a few calls on your cell […]

Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker Car Kit

This simple and effective Bluetooth car gadget requires no special installation, just simply place it where you want and start using it immediately. Built with an internal battery, simply power up the Bluetooth car kit and pair it with your cellphone. It’s that simple. The Bluetooth car kit makes using your mobile phone whilst driving […]

Car Steering Wheel Bluetooth Adapter + Wireless Earpiece

Car steering wheel Bluetooth adapter + wireless earpiece. The safest and easiest way to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel while you talk and drive. This versatile Bluetooth device enhances your daily driving experience by making it both safe and convenient to talk while you are on the road […]

Bluetooth Watch with Vibration and Caller ID Display

Bluetooth Watch with Vibration and Caller ID Display for winning style and ultimate convenience! Exceptional with fine metal detailing and a comfortable leather strap, this Bluetooth watch is a great complement to your busy lifestyle. Picture this – you are in an important business meeting, but you’re also waiting for an important personal call. You […]