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Bluetooth Bracelet w/Vibration Function + Digital Time Display

Bluetooth bracelet with vibration and caller number display for ultimate convenience. Tell time as well as receive vibration alerts when you get a call. This double combo Bluetooth bracelet is made with all round stainless steel for extra durability, without compromising on performance and looks. Have you ever missed a few calls on your cell […]

Bluetooth Watch with Vibration and Caller ID Display

Bluetooth Watch with Vibration and Caller ID Display for winning style and ultimate convenience! Exceptional with fine metal detailing and a comfortable leather strap, this Bluetooth watch is a great complement to your busy lifestyle. Picture this – you are in an important business meeting, but you’re also waiting for an important personal call. You […]

Lady Jaguar – Quad Band Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch + Keypad

The Lady Jaguar is based on our popular Jaguar mobile phone wrist watch. Just like its predecessor, the Lady Jaguar also merges communication and music entertainment into one superb wrist watch cellphone. Coming with a single SIM card slot, 1GB of memory and a full keypad to make this wristphone very easy for anyone to […]

Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch

Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch. Tri-band (900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch. This is a fully functional unlocked GSM mobile phone with a color touchscreen, built in microphone and speakers, Bluetooth, and multimedia functions. This is the latest in a great line of mobile phone watches to be released this year, […]

Galactus – Cellphone Watch With Video Camera + Media Player

The Galactus is part rugged watch, part DV camera, part digital audio and video player, and 100% cellphone! First and foremost, this unit is a high quality quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked mobile phone that fits on your wrist. Stick in a SIM card and use it as a highly convenient mobile […]