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Mini DV Camera – World’s Smallest Hi-Res Camcorder (18 FPS)

World’s smallest high-resolution mini DV camera with a great frame rate capture of 18 FPS and a bonus 2GB micro SD card included free! This digital camcorder in an ultra-compact form factor provides great portability and carrying convenience since it is small enough to fit on your keychain or lanyard. Easy to use with a […]

Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera (Remote Entry Flip Key Style)

DVR Spy camera perfectly hidden in a remote entry flip key for amazing covert photos and videos every time! The problem with most spy cameras hidden in everyday objects is that they’re easy to spot. Not this baby! The CVKA-G147 looks exactly like a real remote entry flip key so you can place it in […]

Ultra Compact MiniDV Camcorder (Motion Detection, 30 FPS)

The DV26 sets a new record for high quality ultra compact camcorders. This is because within its attractive enclosure is a powerful 2 megapixel CMOS sensor that records video at an impressive 30FPS and 640×480 resolution. This translates into stunningly beautiful video previously unimaginable with camcorders this small. Ultra Compact Design How small do you […]

Extreme Sports Camera – All Metal Hercules Edition

The perfect all-around helmet cam for filming any extreme sport. Designed to capture high quality point-of-view videos of your favorite action sports such as skydiving, motor biking or stunt skating. This rugged helmet camera is the best way to capture and relive all your exhilarating moments forever! With the CVLS-DV20 you can finally show off […]

AndyWarhol – Touchscreen Mobile Media Phone with Camera

The AndyWarhol, a new multi media mobile phone that has everything today’s generation demands from their cellphone including dual SIM card slots, Bluetooth, large touchscreen display, quad band connectivity, unlocked, jam packed with media functions (TV, Radio, wifi, ebook reader, MP3 and MP4 Player), and has a super convenient built in point and shoot camera! […]