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Secret Agent DVR Spy Watch – Classic Design

This is a high class surveillance DVR wrist watch, encased in polished stainless steel and held to your wrist with black leather straps. Record hours of video footage with this DVR wrist watch thanks to the 4GB internal flash memory, and view the artistic fruits of your labor, with a simple connection of the DVR […]

Espionage – Spy Camera Sunglasses (4GB, DVR, Bluetooth, MP3)

Spy in style with the Espionage sunglasses. The Espionage spyglasses let you record high quality videos, take beautiful photos, and even listen to your favorite MP3 tracks, all from the convenience of a pair of these stylish sunglasses. This is the perfect solution for people looking to record undercover video in the field, or simply […]

Remote Activated Mini Spy Camera (Gum Wrapper Sized)

Mini spy camera with remote activated audio and video recording. Perfectly sized to be hidden within a chewing gum wrapper for undetectable covert surveillance. This extremely miniature sized spy camera is a dream come true thanks to its convenient remote control operation and incredibly discreet form factor. Place this micro sized gadget on a desk, […]

Wireless Inspection Camera with 3.5 Inch Color Monitor + DVR

The DV34 wireless inspection camera lets you see a clear image of problems in hard to reach locations. Whether you’re working with wires inside a wall, analyzing the delicate pipes of an old home, or searching for serial numbers on parts of an engine that you don’t want to remove, this versatile, snake like inspection […]

Digital Pocket Video Recorder (8GB Spy Edition)

Digital Pocket Video Recorder (8GB Spy Edition). This is a beautifully presented spy camera pen framed with a classy, gloss black exterior. Designed to look and work as a fully-functioning business pen, it is actually a DV camera for recording motion video or to still photographs of unsuspecting people. With its deceptively normal exterior, this […]

Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera (Keychain Car Remote Style)

4GB DVR Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera in a keychain car remote style casing. Coming in a compact form factor and presented in raven black, this discrete spy camera is disguised as a standard car alarm remote on a keychain. A DVR device with a concealed camera for recording motion video of your surroundings or […]

Extreme Sports Camera – All Metal Hercules Edition

The perfect all-around helmet cam for filming any extreme sport. Designed to capture high quality point-of-view videos of your favorite action sports such as skydiving, motor biking or stunt skating. This rugged helmet camera is the best way to capture and relive all your exhilarating moments forever! With the CVLS-DV20 you can finally show off […]

8GB Digital Spy Pen with Image Capture and Video Recording

Write and spy in style with this spy surveillance gadget that has both video recording and image capture. Built with the highest quality internal micro-chip components, the CVMV-I36 Digital Spy Pen with Image Capture and Video Recording allows for straight to AVI recording at a higher resolution than most spy pens on the market today. […]

AndyWarhol – Touchscreen Mobile Media Phone with Camera

The AndyWarhol, a new multi media mobile phone that has everything today’s generation demands from their cellphone including dual SIM card slots, Bluetooth, large touchscreen display, quad band connectivity, unlocked, jam packed with media functions (TV, Radio, wifi, ebook reader, MP3 and MP4 Player), and has a super convenient built in point and shoot camera! […]

Thrifty Watch Phone (Quad Band, Bluetooth, Touchscreen)

Thrifty Quad Band Watch Phone with Bluetooth – bringing you the functions of a modern cell phone in a convenient wrist watch form. This thrifty watch phone is a quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked phone that can be used from anywhere across the world. Stick in a SIM card and you gain […]