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Mini DV Camera – World’s Smallest Hi-Res Camcorder (18 FPS)

World’s smallest high-resolution mini DV camera with a great frame rate capture of 18 FPS and a bonus 2GB micro SD card included free! This digital camcorder in an ultra-compact form factor provides great portability and carrying convenience since it is small enough to fit on your keychain or lanyard. Easy to use with a […]

DVR Spy Camera – Keychain Car Remote Style (4GB, 30FPS)

4GB DVR spy camera in a keychain car remote casing. This incredibly discreet spy camera is disguised as a standard car alarm remote on a keychain. This is the perfect way for aspiring secret agents to capture all the action, in high quality video, and without suspect. What’s more, this amazing spy gadget takes high […]

Mini Video Recorder with In-Car Mounting Stand

Convenient new digital video recording camera with a flexible mounting stand for use in cars or on desktops. With video capture in computer friendly AVI at 30 frames per second and an included 2GB microSD card, you are ready to make high quality video files as soon as you take this DV camera out of […]

Button Pinhole Video Camera + DVR – Great Hidden Surveillance

Hidden surveillance pinhole spy camera disguised as a shirt button with a pocket sized DVR and all the necessary cables included in one complete kit. This high tech little camcorder allows you to record directly onto a small mini-SD digital video recorder. The recorder includes a small view screen so you can setup your shot […]

USB Digital Microscope with 300x Magnification (Handheld)

New USB Digital Microscope with 300x Magnification is the latest edition to our famous USB Digital Microscope family of products. This new handheld model has all the video and picture capture features you love along with a manual rotary knob allowing for an amazing 300 times zoom so you can closely examine fine details on […]

Spy Pen Pinhole Video Camera (Motion Detection, Micro SD)

Capture high resolution hidden video with our newest spy pen for 2010. Write and spy in style with this virtually undetectable spy gadget. Featuring a 1280×920 image sensor for crystal clear video, 25 FPS for smooth motion capture, and pinhole lens for spying on people without suspect. This spy gadget has everything you need to […]

Bluetooth Spy DVR Clip-On Surveillance Set + Media Player (2GB)

Hands free communication and spying, feel like a real spy agent with this Bluetooth clip-on DVR Set. With the secretly built in camera for video capture, simply record your desired videos openly, and no one will ever know their being filmed. You’ve seen our Bluetooth style spy DVR and image capture clip-on surveillance device. Well, […]

Wholesale Underwater Scuba Mask Camera (4GB)

Have fun at the beach with this Scuba accessory that comes with a little twist. Built with a camera lens that lets you take photos and videos underwater, along with 4GB of internal storage. The CVMG-DV31 is a great novelty and is ideal for pools and shallow reefs where underwater visibility is very clear. This […]

Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera (Remote Entry Flip Key Style)

DVR Spy camera perfectly hidden in a remote entry flip key for amazing covert photos and videos every time! The problem with most spy cameras hidden in everyday objects is that they’re easy to spot. Not this baby! The CVKA-G147 looks exactly like a real remote entry flip key so you can place it in […]

Ultra Compact MiniDV Camcorder (Motion Detection, 30 FPS)

The DV26 sets a new record for high quality ultra compact camcorders. This is because within its attractive enclosure is a powerful 2 megapixel CMOS sensor that records video at an impressive 30FPS and 640×480 resolution. This translates into stunningly beautiful video previously unimaginable with camcorders this small. Ultra Compact Design How small do you […]