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15 Inch Touchscreen LCD with VGA

For nearly the same price as a regular monitor, get this amazing touchscreen LCD monitor to help boost productivity for home, office, or at your place of business. FOR HOME/OFFICE: Touch the screen directly with the pen stylus (included) or your fingers. The screen is collapsible to behave like a tablet so you can draw […]

7 Inch Touchscreen LCD with VGA

Our customer favorite, 7 Inch Touchscreen LCD with VGA input, newly updated for 2010. An easy way of using your PC while in the car. This car based monitor allows mouse cursor control with a stylus giving you freedom over your in-car user experience. The monitor also includes two AV inputs so you can integrate […]

12 Inch LCD Touch Screen Monitor for Computers, TV + DVD Player

12 inch touch screen LCD monitor for Computers, TV and DVD Player. You’ve seen the 8 inch LCD touch screen monitor, now BEHOLD the 12 inch LCD touch screen monitor. Finally we are presented with a Large monitor that can be used as a primary desktop monitor with full touch screen functionality. With VGA and […]

Wireless Keyboard + Touch Pad

Wireless Keyboard + Touch Pad so you can use your LCD TV or your DLP projector as an alternative computer monitor from up to 40 feet away. Use this wireless keyboard and touch pad either in your home, conference room, classroom or in even in a lecture theatre to astound your audience. This wireless keyboard […]

PC Pen – Presentation Aid + Handwriting Input + Laser Pointer

A great wholesale priced, factory direct product, The PC Pen is a 3-in-1 productivity tool that enhances your presentations, lets you text input using your handwriting, and works as a laser pointer. Make your presentations come alive with The PC Pen! Just plug it into your notebook’s USB drive and it works seamlessly with programs […]

DaVinci Wireless Pen Tablet

The DaVinci Wireless Pen Tablet is an intelligent solution for people who demand clear, visual communication. This great tool provides you with everything you need for wired or wireless PC pen input. The DaVinci opens up a whole new world of business application productivity as well as personal creativity! Signing your name is only the […]