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Bluetooth MP3 Player Sunglasses -Silver -2GB Flash Memory

Bluetooth MP3 Player Sunglasses -Silver -2GB Flash Memory. Gadget sunglasses / shades with an 2GB MP3 Player and wireless Bluetooth headset built-in. Built discreetly into the cool looking lightweight sunglasses frames are, on one side, an MP3 and WMA player, and on the other side a Bluetooth headset which can be paired with a mobile […]

WMA + MP3 Player Sunglasses 2GB – Stereo Sound Effect

MP3 music player sunglasses. Looking cool is what all men are about, so why not do it in style? Now you can, with these hot MP3 Player Sunglasses with 2GB’s of memory. These WMA + MP3 player sunglasses come with 2GB of flash memory (enough to store a large music collection) and provides you with […]

MP3 Gadget Pen + Spy Device – 2GB Flash Disk Design

MP3 Gadget Pen + Spy Device – 2GB Flash Disk Design. Fully functioning gadget black steel pen direct from the best gadget makers in China, featuring a built in 2 GB MP3 player, plus a built in high quality MIC for record hours of audio for study or for spy recording of what people are […]

128MB Spy Recording Device – Voice + Telephone Recording

Small and lightweight 128MB Spy Recording Gadget that will record noise/voices as well as recording telephone conversations without anyone ever being the wiser. This is a all around great Spy Device to have for any surveillance or recoding needs, and would do even James Bond proud. It will very clearly record noises or voices when […]

MP3 Music Player Pen with FM Tuner + Voice Recorder – 4GB

This updated version of our popular 4GB digital life pen comes with anMP3 player, FM radio, voice recorder, and 4GB USB flash drive all wrapped up in a professional writers pen. This nice gift item is ideal for those who enjoy writing as well as listening to music simultaneously. You’ll be amazed at the ability […]

Multimedia LCD Projector – Wholesale Big Screen Wonder

LCD Multimedia Projector for either productivity (teaching, meetings, etc.) or entertainment uses. The simple to use projector has multiple video input options and projects an image size up to 150 inches. Often used in classrooms, hotel conference centers, or living rooms, LCD projectors are also suited well for office presentations when large, crisp images will […]

HD Multimedia LCD Projector – 120 Inch Beauty

HD Multimedia LCD Projector – 120 Inch Beauty. Hi-Def LCD Multimedia Projector with HDMI input, the CVSAK-3302 is a complete projector solution for either productivity (teaching, meetings, etc.) or entertainment. This versatile HD (high definition) model has multiple video input options and projects an image size up to 120 inches. Often used in sports restaurants, […]

Superb LCD Home Theatre Media Projector with HDMI and DVB-T

Superb LCD Home Theatre Media Projector with HDMI and DVB-T. When you need a big video display unit for your home or office then you need a projector with reliability and multiple video input types – the CVSAK-3300 is the product you have been looking for! With support for HDMI, Component and VGA inputs, massive […]

15 Inch Touchscreen LCD with VGA

For nearly the same price as a regular monitor, get this amazing touchscreen LCD monitor to help boost productivity for home, office, or at your place of business. FOR HOME/OFFICE: Touch the screen directly with the pen stylus (included) or your fingers. The screen is collapsible to behave like a tablet so you can draw […]

Headrest/Stand In-Car TFT LCD Monitor, 7 inches -Black

A quick and easy way of keeping the back seat drivers quiet? – mount this 7-Inch Headrest TFT LCD Monitor. The vibrant high quality screen will show all your movies and TV brilliantly and an auto switch to rearview system is available when backing a car to insure the safety. This high quality product is […]