Camera and DVR with Motion Detection Recording

Camera and DVR with Motion Detection Recording – there’s more than meets the eye.

You’ll be sorry if you judge this book by its cover. This small pocket-size digital video recorder comes in a compact 15×61mm frame and weighs next to nothing, but you’ll be amazed at all the power it has. Here are a few reasons why you might just fall in love with it:

Video Recorder and Spy Camera: With 720 x 576 video recording at 30fps and a built in microphone, this item makes an excellent personal camcorder. Along with the light weight and waterproof wired-camera, you can take this with you anywhere and expect the same perfect performance. This mini digital video recorder will also be great as your next tool for covert surveillance as it is small enough to be easily hidden. It is connected by an extension cord which can stretch up to 2 meters for instant viewing of those hard to get into places.

One Touch Recording: Sick of missing those Kodak moments because you couldn’t get your camera out in time? With this video recorder’s one touch video recording function, you’ll have the world at your fingertips. Even when the unit is turned off, all you have to do is flip a switch to start recording instantly – no menus, no loading, and no start-up screen.

Motion Detection Recording: We tested this function in the office and its the best we have ever seen. Want to see who’s been in your room/office touching your stuff? Set the mini digital video recorder to motion detection mode and watch it act like a security camera with real world results. It will automatically record any motion and then turn off after a certain period of inactivity, meaning it only captures the videos you need.

Mounting Options and Accessories: This digital video recorder is jam packed with accessories to allow you to attach the camera to any device or part of your body you want. Mount it to your bike for use as a sports camera, stick it on the ceiling to use as a spy camera, or strap it around your arm to have it act as a video camera!

Compact, versatile, and filled with features, this product is great for any insurance inspector or investigator who needs a multi-function camera for filming hard to reach locations. Our usual Districsides low wholesale price makes the CVNU-DV37 perfect for the resale market, internet store, or special company use As always, it is only available from your source for wholesale direct from electronic products, Districsides.
At a Glance…

  • Lightweight, multipurpose and portable camera and DVR
  • Amazing choice of mounting options
  • Motion detect function
  • 720 x 576 resolution in 30fps
  • Support for SD cards up to 32GB
  • One touch recording function

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Camera:
    Imaging sensor: 1/3″ Sony Color CMOS
    Horizontal definition: 420 TV Lines
    Minimum illumination: 3 Lux
    Power supply: 5V DC 150mAh
    Picture resolution: 640 x 480
    Video Resolution: 720 x 576, 720 x 480, 640 x 480, 320 x 240
    Video FPS: 30
    Video format: AVI (MPEG)
  • SD CARD Media Files Formats:
    Music: MP3, MP2.5
    Movie: MPEG1, MPEG4, AVI, ASF, ADPCM
    Photo: JPEG, JPG
  • Viewing Screen: 2.5 inch LCD – 920 x 240 Pixels
  • Battery Life:
    Movie Recording: 180 minutes
    Movie Playback: 240 minutes
  • Internal Memory: 256 MB Flash Memory
  • External Memory: SD/SDHC card (up to 32GB)
  • Time and File Size Indicator: Yes
  • Mini-USB 2.0 port
  • AV IN jack (for external lens attachment)
  • AV OUT jack (for PAL and NTSC TV)
  • Language: English, Chinese, Russian
  • Dimensions: 15 x 61mm
  • Manufacturer Ref: U2OAQTA0UEZ9

Product Notes

  • DVR with screen and camera
  • Camera is waterproof (50cm depth)
  • Accessories for mounting the camera in your car or on your bike, motorcycle, helmet, bedpost, and for strapping the DVR to your arm or belt. Lots of accessories
  • Motion detection: DVR starts recording when anything moves in the cameras field of vision. No motion sensor, the DVR just knows when something on the screen is moving
  • Records audio and video: mic is on the DVR
  • AV out to a TV or any other monitor
  • Loop Recording Function
  • Real-time and Image ID Number Stamp on Recordings
  • Vibration Inform Function
  • One touch record function (video and audio)
  • Power Off Automatically without Any Operation
  • Power Off and LCD Off Function
  • This product ships with a universal wall socket adapter and will work anywhere in the world

Package Contents

  • AV IN Cable
  • AV OUT Cable
  • Back Cover
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Li-ion Battery
  • AC Charger
  • Battery Charger
  • User Manual
  • Stationary Stand
  • Mobile Mounting Stand
  • Mobile Mounting Ring
  • Mounting Stickers
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Wired Bullet camera
  • Rubber Mounting Strips
  • Clipper
  • Arm Strap
  • Wrist Strap

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • I plugged the USB in, but it’s not working. How to I get it to connect to the computer?
  • First the unit has to be on, then you connect the USB cable. The screen will show “PC connection” when it is connected.
  • How come all my files disappeared when I put in an SD card?
    Go to the menu to change storage mode from SD card to flash.
  • Why won’t this work when I connect it to the TV?
    When connected to the TV, go to the DV37’s menu and change the TV settings to PAL or NTSC.
  • Ordering from Districsides provides you with the following benefits;
    – Orders processed and shipped within 24-hours
    – 12 month warranty
    – In-house QC
    – Member discounts
    – Quantity order discounts
    – Worldwide Shipping


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