2-Way Car Alarm Security System (Sports Edition)

Power up your vehicle protection with the new wholesale priced 2-Way Car Alarm Security System. This sophisticated and effective 2-way Car Security System helps to protect your vehicle and its contents while the screen on the remote controller will let you know exactly what is happening to your car as well as let you instantly issue commands to the system for various security situations.

Designed to be used for all common car/van/SUV/4WD trucks, this state-of-the-art 2-Way Car Security Alarm System can effortlessly protect your beloved vehicle from thieves and intruders. The mini remote controller can be easily attached to your keyring or fit inside your pocket. With its intuitively interface, you can monitor the status of the alarm system, turn it on/off, and start or shut down the engine from as far as 3000 ft away.

This 2-way car alarm system offers many advanced features that are not available for conventional or factory car alarms, such as:

  • Remote engine start and cool down: a must have feature if you are running a turbo charged engine or wanting to warm up your engine in the winter
  • Temperature controlled engine start up: air conditioning the inside so its is nice and cool when you open your car door.
  • Anti robbery engine shut down: another essential feature of a good car alarm system
  • Parking timer: for those first-hour-free car parks
  • Window roll up, auto central lock
  • And much more

Did we mention, this comes with a Low Wholesale Price? Just google “2 way car alarm”, and you will find that similar high-tech car security systems are selling for well over $200 USD. We are able to bring you the same quality product but at a fraction of what you would pay for those “named brands” because with Districsides you are getting it directly from the factory source. So if you just bought a new car or own a car that is irresistible to thieves, don’t delay, click “Add To Cart” button right now and we will ship out this car security system to you within 24-hours. The CVRE-A53 is available only from the original Electronics Wholesaler – Districsides.
At a Glance…

  • 2x Remote control with 1.5 inch LCD screen
  • 3000 ft range
  • 3 level adjustable shocking sensitivity
  • Remote engine start + shut down
  • Hood + Trunk Protection
  • 4 channel Auxiliary Output
  • Anti-Robbery emergency shut down
  • Temperature Controlled start up

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: 2-Way Car Security System with remote controller
  • Remote controller:
    – LCD Screen: 1.5 Inch
    – Frequency: 433.92MHz
    – Transmit power: <10mw
    – Frequency deviation: ±500Hz
    – Transmit code: 2 45
    – Power: 1 x 1.5 V AAA Battery
    – Battery Life: 6 month
    – Current: Transmit: ≤15mA, Receive: ≤6mA
    – Code Sending Method: Rolling code
    – Dimension: 70 (L) x 41(W) x 20 (H) mm
    – Displayable Icons: Signal Strength, Door Lock/Unlock, Trunk Open, Shock Sensor, Door Open, Unauthorized Ignition, Hood Open, Microwave Sensor, Lights Flashing, Keypad Locked, Siren On, Remote Vibrating, Clock, Temperature Monitor, Auto Door Lock, Battery Life, Temp Control Start Mode, Alarm Arming, LCD Backlight, Turbo Mode, Remote Start Mode
  • Main Unit:
    – Voltage: 12V±3V
    – Static current: ≤15mA
    – requency: 433.92MHz
    – Transmit power: <20mw
    – Frequency deviation: ±500Hz
    – Range: up to 3000 ft
    – Transmit code: 2 45
    – Dimension: 78 (L) x 100 (W) x 30 (H) mm
  • Sirenr:
    – Sound Level: 120db
    – Wattage: 12 W
    – Dimension: 78 (Diameter) x 75 (H) mm
  • Alarm Modes: Standard, Silent, Panic Mode, Valet Mode
  • Working Temperature: -15 to 65 C
  • Manufacturer Ref: Q90B212Y90Z1

Product Notes

  • Compatible with factory security system
  • eBay Reseller Note: Here is are some examples of alternate product titles you can use for this product:
    – 2-Way Car Security System
    – FM 2-way car alarm
    – 2 way LCD car alarm remote start
    – 2 way car/truck/van alarm system
    – 2 way LCD pager car alarm system remote start
  • Important Note: This product should only be installed by a professional. Carefully review the product manual before installing and using the CVRE-A53 to achieve the most satisfying user experience

Package Contents for CVRE-A53

  • 2 x Remote Controller
  • Main Unit
  • Siren
  • Valet Switch
  • Starter Module
  • Harnesses:
    – 10-pin Primary Harness
    – 6-pin Secondary Harness
    – 8-pin Input/Output Harness
    – 2-pin Connector with LED
    – Black 4 wire connector
  • English Manual

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of vehicles does this 2-way car alarm work with?
    The 2-way car alarm security system is designed to work with all car models. Please feel free to purchase a sample and make sure it is installed by a professional technician. Have Fun!
  • Does this 2 way car alarm security system work on both manual and automatic transmission vehicles?
    Yes, it works on both automatic and manual transmission cars.
  • Why is it called a “2-Way” car alarm
    2-Way Car Alarm is the newest technology in car security system. Instead of only sound the siren or beeping the horn when the alarm is triggered like traditional car alarms, a 2-way car alarm can pass the alarm signal to a remote controller so its owner can take various actions according to the detailed information displayed.
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