Globalist – Elegant Quad Band Touchscreen Cellphone Watch

The Globalist is a rugged and versatile cellphone watch with every convenience necessary for your modern lifestyle: quad band GSM functionality, a digital camera and camcorder, plus dozens of productivity tools to help you get things done!

First of all, The Globalist is a first class quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked mobile phone. Just insert your GSM SIM card and use it as a world phone. It goes where you go and works globally. The CVKG-M97 also features a high quality touchscreen LCD display and virtual keypad for quick dialing and texting on the go. The pen stylus conveniently hides inside the watch band so you’ll never lose it. For further versatility, The Globalist also comes with a great Bluetooth headset with built-in MIC. We’ve also include a free 1GB TF microSD card!

The Globalist will also amaze: how can so much technology fit into such a small space? The CVKG-M97 features both a digital still camera and a camcorder in one, making this product the equivalent of a wrist-top command center! The camera lens is conveniently located right of the clock number 3 position so you can take photos and videos without being known – amazing huh? The Globalist is a cell phone / spy watch in one! When you’re done capturing media, simply connect the watch to your computer and effortlessly transfer your photos and videos to your PC. Nothing could be easier.

But there is more good news! With The Globalist you can leave your mp3/mp4 player or iPod at home. This incredible mobile phone watch plays the most popular audio video files, displays photos and is even an ebook reader. It receives FM radio and can even act as a basic PDA with these useful resources: Calendar, To Do List, and Alarm to keep your life organized.

This amazing cellphone watch comes with our famous 12-month warranty and is available with a factory-direct Wholesale Price that you won’t find anywhere else. Orders yours today and we’ll express ship it tomorrow. Brought to you by the leaders in online wholesale direct from Districsides.
At a Glance…

  • Quad band (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked cellphone
  • Comes with free 1GB microSD card
  • Digital Still Camcorder and DV Camcorder
  • MP3/MP4 Media Player Function
  • Great as a spy watch!

NOTE: This product is compatible with GSM at the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. This can be used throughout the world.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary Function: Touch Screen Mobile Phone Wrist Watch
  • Color: Copper and Silver
  • Material: Reinforced Stainless Steel
  • GSM Frequency Compatibility: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
  • Screen: 1.5 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
  • Screen Resolution: 160×128
  • Display Colors: 65,000
  • Memory:
    – Internal: 506K
    – External: 4GB (comes with a free 1GB TF/microSD card)
  • SIM Card Slots: 1
  • Handwriting: YES
  • Compatible SIM Card Types: 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G
  • Bluetooth Profiles: Handsfree and Headset and A2DP (listen to music over Bluetooth!)
  • Message Types:
    – SMS Text Messaging
    – MMS Multimedia Messaging
  • Network Services:
    – WAP: Yes (If supported by your data plan)
    – Data Account: GSM Data, GPRS
  • Menu Options:
    – Phone Book: Search Entry, Add Entry, Copy All, Delete, Caller Group, Extra Number, Settings, Caller Picture, Caller Ringtone
    – Messages: SMS, MMS
    – Recent Calls: Missed Calls, Dialed Calls, Received Calls, Delete Recent Calls, Call Time, Call Cost, SMS Counter, GPRS Counter
    – Settings: Pen Calibration, User Profiles, Phone Setup, Call Setup, Network Setup, Security Setup, Restore Factory Settings
    – Phone Setup: Time & Date, Schedule Power Off, Languages, Preferred Input Method, Greeting Text, Handwriting, LCD Settings
    – Call Setup: Call Waiting, Call Divert, Call Barring, Line Switching, Call Time Remaining, Call Time Display, Auto Redial, Block List
    – Network Setup: Network Select, Preferred Networks, GPRS Connection
    – Security Setup: SIM Lock, Phone Lock, Auto Key Pad Lock, Fixed Dial, Barred Dial, Change Password
    – Multimedia: Organizer, File Manager, Camera, Image Viewer, Video Player, Audio Player, Sound Recorder, FM Radio
    – Connections: Bluetooth, WAP, Data Account
  • Still Camera
    – Format: JPEG
    – Resolution: 640×480, 320×240, 128×96, 160×120, 80×60
    – Image Quality (compression): High, Normal, Low
    – Camera Settings: Timer, Continuous Shot, Effects, White Balance, Scene Mode, Effects Settings, Storage, Restore Default
    – EV: 8 steps (+4 to -4)
  • Video Camera
    – Format: AVI
    – Video Quality (compression): High, Normal, Low
    – Resolution: 176 x 144
    – Video Settings: Effects, White Balance, Scene Modes, Night Mode
    – EV: 8 steps (+4 to -4)
  • Audio Player
    – Options: Play, Detail, Add to ring-tone, Refresh List, Bluetooth, Head Set, Equalizer
  • Video Player:
    – Options: Volume, Play, Full Screen, Snapshot, Send, Rename, Delete, Sort, Storage
  • Image Viewer:
    – Options: View, Edit, Forward, Browse Style, Send, Rename, Sort, Storage
  • Voice Recorder
    – Recording Formats: WAV, AMR
    – Audio Quality: High, Low
  • Supported Media Formats:
    – Music: MIDI, MP3, WAV
    – Video: (MJPEG) AVI, 3GP
    – Image: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
  • Battery Life:
    – Talk Time: Up to 2.5 hours
    – Stand By: Up to 150 hours
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic
  • Dimensions:
    – Watch Face: 50mm (Diameter)
    – Face Thickness: 17 mm
    – Strap: 13 segments, each segment approximately 15 mm (length)
  • Manufacturer Ref: GHMRJ2GEVS4C

Product Notes

  • Pen stylus fits in the wristband
  • Organizer – Calendar, To Do List, Alarm
  • User Profiles – General, Meeting, Outdoor, Indoor, Headset, Bluetooth
  • Saves up to 50 sms/mms messages
  • Camera resolution 640×480 = 0.3 Megapixels (MP)

Package Contents for Model – CVKG-M97

  • Cellphone Wrist Watch
  • Pen Stylus
  • Earphones with built-in MIC
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • Bluetooth Kit
  • Power Adapter (100-240v)
  • x2 Rechargeable li-ion batteries 600mAH 3.7V
  • Free 1GB TF microSD card
  • User Manual – English

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the phone come with a contract?
    This phone is contract-free and fully unlocked so it can work with any GSM service provider you choose.
  • How long should I charge the battery before first use?
    Before you use the battery for the first time, please charge it for 12 hours.
  • Should I load MP3’s or WAV music files into my phone to listen to?
    It’s a trade off really. With MP3’s, you get lower audio quality, but because of its small file size you can fit more into memory. With WAV files, you get CD quality music, but on average, one WAV file is equivalent in size to ten MP3 files.
  • Great to hear that the phone comes with 2 batteries. What if I need more batteries, what should I do?
    Simply contact our customer support department to order replacement accessories. Easy peasy.
  • How many contacts, can the phone hold?
    The phone itself has the capacity to hold 500 contacts. SIM cards usually hold 250 contacts. Altogether you are looking at 750 contacts. That’s a lot of friends!
  • Can I change the ringtone with this phone?
    Definitely. The watch comes with 25 pre-defined tones and 5 empty slots for your own music
  • How do I setup a wake up alarm?
    Click on the MULTIMEDIA icon. Then click on ORGANIZER. You will have the ability to setup 4 different alarms depending on frequency and day(s) of the week.
  • What kind of operating system does this phone use?
    It’s called Nucleus RTOS.
  • Where can I download some great free music for this phone?
    We love, great music from all genres. Check out Lara St John’s amazing version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or DJ Cary’s Eastern Grooves. also has some very delicious tunes.


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