PC Booster 2008

proudly presents PC Booster 2008TM

You can get more
speed and stability out of your
Windows XP
computer, no matter what your PC skill level is.

If you are like most PC
users, you may feel that your PC is slow or unstable. You can’t run more than a
couple of applications at the same time and your PC seems to be running slower
than ever. Or you have to reboot frequently due to crashes or application

Even worse, it seems like
every time you start your PC, it is loading all sorts of programs that you don’t
want. You don’t even know when you installed them (if you even allowed them to
be installed in the first place).

This page contains all the secrets to making your computer faster and more
stable in minutes
! No one in the computer industry would want you to know
this, as they will have a hard time trying to persuade you to upgrade your
system to the next version of Windows or spend money on some expensive but
unnecessary hardware upgrade.

You can turn your PC into
a faster, more stable, and productive machine, by simply clicking a few buttons.
If you can surf to this website, you can easily tune up your PC in Minutes –
and without being a PC expert!

Do you want to boost your PC speed and stability?

Or even double your Computer Performance?

If you want to speed up
and stabilize your PC, here’s a good chance that you may be able to increase
your PC performance by 10% — or even by 100%, and even reduce most of your PC
crashes! This is not hype as …

1) WE DON’T MAKE UNDELIVERABLE PROMISES: Some products may claims that
they can make your PC run like the top of the range Quad Core 3 GHz PC with 4GB
RAM. In reality, nothing can do that, without really giving you a new actual
high end system. However, PC Booster can let you make the most speed out
of your present PC
– without the need for additional hardware.

inKline Global, Inc.
has been in the computer software business for more
than 10 years now. Our address does not change, nor does our email or website.
We’re not a fly-by-night company, that rips off customers. Our products have won
many awards industry wide for producing great software.

: Thousands have used this product and our Inbox gets
emails daily from satisfied customers who praise this program.

Exactly What PC Booster can Do For You

  • Fully automatic tune
    up of your PC
    with just a few mouse clicks
  • Eliminate and
    Prevent most PC slowdown and crashes
    by optimizing resource usage.
  • Auto recovery of
    that Windows steals from your computer
  • Registry Cleaner.
    Fix 1000+ Errors in your PC in under 2mins
  • Reduce PC Errors and
    resource leaks
    with the automatic and intelligent registry scan and fix
  • Boost and optimize
    your Internet speed for faster surfing
  • Clean hundreds
    of unwanted junk files from your hard disk
  • Lock and hide your
    hards drives
    from preying eyes
  • Protect your privacy
    by deleting up ‘cookies’ and IDs left over from your Internet surfing.
  • Boost
    CD-ROM/DVD-Rom speeds
    . Enhance your enjoyment of multimedia, VCDs, DVDs
    and games.
  • Add/removeWindows Start Menu Options. Customize your default ‘My Documents’ folder, remove ‘Favorites’, ‘Windows Update’ options and more customizations.
  • Enable Fast Shutdown
    and automatically kill-off non-responding applications.
  • Track your system’s
    resource availability
    with the Real time memory usage monitoring graph
  • Make sure that your
    system is stable
    with the CPU Stability Test
  • Fully configurable
    for power users. Push PC to the extreme performance levels, if you dare!
  • Extensive
    and instant context help to help you make the most of
    PC Booster.

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